Calvary Church of ​God In Christ Aston



Evangelist Rayon Wallace (21 April 1927 - 29 May 2006)

Rayon Wallace epitomized dignity, humility, compassion and tenacity. She developed an inner strength that took her through life's journey.

She was the second of three children for Emily and Hezekiah Wallace.

She grew up in a predominantly christian environment, and as she would recall, she accepted Christ on 16th June 1945.

She left the shores of Jamaica in 1961 to join her sister in England. She attended and took up membership at the triumphant church of God, under the leadership of Bishop Burris and was assigned an evangelist.

In 1966 she joined the COGIC working alongside Pastor Wilkes and later appointed Assistant leader of the Aston Assembly under the Auspice of the late Bishop Bell and Superintendent Anderson. She dedicated her whole life to the preaching of the gospel and displayed many christian values.

Due to ill health she relinquished her position in 2003 and remain vigilant and very concerned regarding the growth of the church.  

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Brother Tesmos M. Wilson (9 December 1937 - 10 February 1988)

In 1964 brother Wilson gave his life to the Lord. During this time, he was living with his wife Floris, older brother Vincent and sister-in-law Mavis Howell. Together they opened their living room in Aston Birmingham, of which they converted it to a place of worship, for the dedicated people who were hungry for God.

Brother Wilson was very active in the church and was one of the first van drivers of the Aston Assembly in COGIC. He was very compassionate and caring, endeavoring to help those in need.

In 1987 Brother Wilson took ill and lost the battle for life six months later.

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Brother Arnold Emmanuel Francis

Brother Arnold Francis came to England in 1960 and joined COGIC Aston Assembly. During the time when Pastor Wilkes was pastor.

In 1971 Evangelist Wallace became the leader of the church and later Brother Francis was appointed secretary of the church.

During those early years it was a struggle to find place to worship. After many years of struggle Brother Francis saw this place here at 1 Burlington st, completely gutted, no roof, part of it burnt out. He made an equiry at Birmingham city Council. The council thought this man was crazy, as he told them he wanted to purchase the building for a church. It would be cost effective to repair and to get a safety certificate.

Brother Francis worked very hard with the council as they required a place to train people in carpentry, Manson work, and plastering. Brother Francis jumped at the opportunity.

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